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Creating a basic iPad application

Because of the recent announcement of the iPad 2 more people are going to want to learn how to develop for the iPhone OS. I recently purchased an iPad 2 3G with o2, so far the broadband has been flawless. This tutorial will be a basic walk-through for beginners who want to start developing. The […]

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Deep Linking with jQuery

You can view a demo and download the resources for this tutorial at the bottom of the post. Web 2.0 websites have a lot of Ajax functionality, some times when you load a new element of a page you may want the user to be able to click the back or forward button so that […]

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jQuery Dropdown Suggestions

For this tutorial we are going to create a drop down box similar to the one on the Google homepage when you start typing. The Markup The first thing that we must do is create the markup HTML. We are also going to include a stylesheet called style.css, we will create the CSS further down […]

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Twitter-like pagination using CakePHP and jQuery

I have already done this tutorial with CodeIgniter and jQuery it can be found here. I thought I would do this tutorial again but rewrite it for CakePHP because it is a popular PHP framework. Before we start doing any PHP code make sure to copy in the code below into your MySQL database. CREATE […]

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Twitter-like pagination using CodeIgniter and jQuery

If you use Twitter you'll notice that there is a more button at the bottom at the bottom of your timeline, when you click this more tweets appear. This is Twitters way of paginating a page. In this tutorial I'll show you how to create a pagination system using CodeIgniter and jQuery that is almost […]

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Adding security to CodeIgniter forms with a custom library class

The class that we are going to create within CI will simply add a math question that the user will have to enter correctly to continue. This is useful to stop bots from mass submitting information to your forms. The class we are going to write is only very short and simple, but it will […]

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Easily and effectively display images with FancyBox

FancyBox is a plugin for jQuery that allows you to easily display images in the same window with a simple yet effective code. The plugin takes no time to set up and all that is required is that you include the jQuery javascript library within the pages that you are using the FancyBox plugin on. […]

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jQuery Form Validation

Create a form that requires the user to enter both a username and password. If the username field or password field is left blank then a message will be displayed.

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jQuery #1

Learn how to use the animate function within the jQuery library to create an effect similar to the table of contents for the table of contents on codeigniter.com. Blip.tv Link

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Boosting traffic to your website with submission websites

There are many ways of getting traffic to your website such as with search engines, social network websites and telling friends. The best way that I have found besides search engines of getting traffic to your website is by submitting your tutorials to tutorial submission websites. There are tutorial websites that allow for submission of […]

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