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5 PHP Frameworks you may not know about

There are many PHP frameworks available for developers to choose from when creating a project. Frameworks such as CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symfony and Zend are the most popular frameworks used by developers. In this article I will compile a list of 5 frameworks that many developers may not know of.

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Build a Twitter-like site with CodeIgniter and jQuery Part 2

Don't forget to check out part 1 if you have no read it. In the second part of this 5 part tutorial series on how to build a Twitter-like website, we will be creating a signup form so that users can register to our website. We will be adding records to the database that we […]

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Build a Twitter-like site with CodeIgniter and jQuery

This tutorial will be the first of a five part series where we will built a social network site similar to Twitter from scratch. We will be using the CodeIgniter framework for the core of the website and jQuery for the effects. In this first part we will be configuring CodeIgniter to display everything correctly […]

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Twitter-like pagination using CakePHP and jQuery

I have already done this tutorial with CodeIgniter and jQuery it can be found here. I thought I would do this tutorial again but rewrite it for CakePHP because it is a popular PHP framework. Before we start doing any PHP code make sure to copy in the code below into your MySQL database. CREATE […]

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PHP gallery with no page reloads using jQuery

For this tutorial we will be using the ImgBrowz0r class for the backend of the gallery, we will then write a jQuery script so that we can browse through the gallery created by ImgBrowz0r without no page reloads and a nice effect between page requests so the user knows the page has changed. We will […]

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Twitter-like pagination using CodeIgniter and jQuery

If you use Twitter you'll notice that there is a more button at the bottom at the bottom of your timeline, when you click this more tweets appear. This is Twitters way of paginating a page. In this tutorial I'll show you how to create a pagination system using CodeIgniter and jQuery that is almost […]

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Ajax Helper For CodeIgniter [Video] Page Link to helper Twitter

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Adding security to CodeIgniter forms with a custom library class

The class that we are going to create within CI will simply add a math question that the user will have to enter correctly to continue. This is useful to stop bots from mass submitting information to your forms. The class we are going to write is only very short and simple, but it will […]

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Useful websites and resources for learning CodeIgniter

Frameworks are becoming more and more popular because of the useful pre-built functions and organization of how files are meant to be stored and used. Here is a shortlist of 10 resources that should be useful for beginners looking to learn CodeIgniter. CodeIgniter From Scratch From CodeIgniter to Ruby on Rails: A Conversion Smarty as […]

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Uploading files to Rackspace Cloud (Mosso) using PHP API

Rackspace Cloud is a great VPS service, but when I recently done a project it needed the functionality of uploading directly from a website to the cloud. I did not find many tutorials on how to do this, so I thought I'd write a tutorial on it myself. Step 1: Download the required files The […]

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