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Build a Twitter-like site with CodeIgniter and jQuery Part 2

Don't forget to check out part 1 if you have no read it. In the second part of this 5 part tutorial series on how to build a Twitter-like website, we will be creating a signup form so that users can register to our website. We will be adding records to the database that we […]

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Build a Twitter-like site with CodeIgniter and jQuery

This tutorial will be the first of a five part series where we will built a social network site similar to Twitter from scratch. We will be using the CodeIgniter framework for the core of the website and jQuery for the effects. In this first part we will be configuring CodeIgniter to display everything correctly […]

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Deep Linking with jQuery

You can view a demo and download the resources for this tutorial at the bottom of the post. Web 2.0 websites have a lot of Ajax functionality, some times when you load a new element of a page you may want the user to be able to click the back or forward button so that […]

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Cheat sheets: jQuery, MooTools, Prototype

Javascript frameworks like jQuery, MooTools and Prototype are being used by almost all developers in web design and web development, and if you're not using them you should be. Frameworks like these make building complex Javascript functionality into websites a breeze with only a few lines of code. If you want to start using a […]

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10 Awesome jQuery Tutorials You Should Check Out

jQuery is a great tool that everyone in web development should be using to make the functionality of their websites better, it's easy of use and good documentation is what makes jQuery such a successful framework. Although the documentation is good there are still a lot of tutorials out there that you should check out.

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jQuery Dropdown Suggestions

For this tutorial we are going to create a drop down box similar to the one on the Google homepage when you start typing. The Markup The first thing that we must do is create the markup HTML. We are also going to include a stylesheet called style.css, we will create the CSS further down […]

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PHP gallery with no page reloads using jQuery

For this tutorial we will be using the ImgBrowz0r class for the backend of the gallery, we will then write a jQuery script so that we can browse through the gallery created by ImgBrowz0r without no page reloads and a nice effect between page requests so the user knows the page has changed. We will […]

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Twitter-like pagination using CodeIgniter and jQuery

If you use Twitter you'll notice that there is a more button at the bottom at the bottom of your timeline, when you click this more tweets appear. This is Twitters way of paginating a page. In this tutorial I'll show you how to create a pagination system using CodeIgniter and jQuery that is almost […]

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Quick Tip: Resolving conflicting problems between jQuery and MooTools or any other Javascript library

Recently I wrote quite a huge chunk of jQuery for a website and it worked fine. A few days later I checked back to make sure that everything was working correctly after modifying a few things, but to my surprise none of the jQuery code worked. The problem was that I had added some Mootools […]

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