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Focus on applications in Mac OS X with Isolator

All us Mac OS X users know that it can sometimes get confusing and be hard to concentrate when we have a lot of windows open. To prevent this confusion we can use Isolator. With Isolator you can activate it and disable it as you like by click the icon in the menubar or using […]

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Keep the Mac OS X Menubar visible on secondary monitor

Secondbar If there is one of very few problems about Mac OS X, then a menubar not being visible on a secondary monitor when you connect another display to your Mac is certainly one of those problems. I recently stumbled across Secondbar while browsing about the internet. It is such a useful tool and I […]

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Where to host your website?

So you’ve successfully created a design for your website… the next question is, where to actually host it. It’s often debatable on which is the best among the many web hosting providers around whether free or paid. Well, it’s really pretty simple why – because it usually depends on different factors such as, what type […]

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Weekly Recap (14 Feb – 21 Feb)

Here is a recap of the posts from this week. Build a Twitter-like site with CodeIgniter and jQuery Part 2 5 PHP Frameworks you may not know about Creating a basic iPad application

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Posts from this week

Here is a list of posts from this week if you may have missed anything. 20 Stunning Wallpapers For Your Desktop 10 Awesome jQuery Tutorials You Should Check Out 10 Flash and Actionscript Tutorials for the Beginner Cheat sheets: jQuery, MooTools, Prototype Deep Linking with jQuery Build a Twitter-like site with CodeIgniter and jQuery

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Cheat sheets: jQuery, MooTools, Prototype

Javascript frameworks like jQuery, MooTools and Prototype are being used by almost all developers in web design and web development, and if you're not using them you should be. Frameworks like these make building complex Javascript functionality into websites a breeze with only a few lines of code. If you want to start using a […]

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20 Stunning Wallpapers For Your Desktop

Everyone likes to have a nice wallpaper for their desktop so I have put a list together of the 20 best looking, simple and stylish wallpapers that I have found.

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Google Wave invite

I recently got a Google Wave invite and it is awesome. I will probably receive invites to Google Wave soon so if you would like an invite leave your email below using and I will invite as many commenters as I can.

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Best Websites For Ruby On Rails Examples and Tutorials

Ruby on Rails is a framework for Ruby that has became increasingly popular over the last few years. The difference between a framework and a language is a language is used for compiling code whereas a framework is built on top of a language to allow for a more rapid development process. Ruby on Rails […]

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